Behind every fitted Yale solution, there is someone wanting to actively secure themselves, their home, their family and their personal belongings.”


Yale is the brand behind locks such as door locks, padlocks and digital door locks as well as safes, door handles, alarms and more.

Yale protects millions of homes and businesses worldwide and is the brand behind locks of every design and function in over 125 countries.

At Yale we've been taking care of people and their favourite things all over the world, for over one hundred and fifty years.

Like your great-great-great grandparents before you, you just turn your key in the door and set out in all serenity, whether it's round the corner for the paper, or round the world. These days, you might even set the Yale alarm, or check your Yale safe.

To learn more about what Yale products you can find close to you, visit our country or region websites.


Published 20 Jan 2012


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"If it's your favourite, it's worth saving"

Local range of Yale Products

You can find more detailed information about Yale products that are relevant to your particular market on your local website.

Jargon Buster!

What is a mortice lock?  What is a nightlatch?  The language of locks can be confusing!  Use Yale's jargon buster to find out exactly what different terms mean...

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