Vintage Yale

Locks & Safes

As a general rule, you will not find many old tumbler style devices still set to their default combinations, because nearly all locks of that style were designed to allow combination changing once they were in use by a home or business.

Though some lock manufacturers do file the combinations that were set at the factory, most of the old time makers, including Yale, do not.

Even those that do this today have cutoff dates as to how far back their combination records go.
Most safe users are not reassured by the knowledge that somewhere, their combination is recorded.

Safe and vault service companies usually will not file combination settings for security and liability reasons.

The best resource for opening a device for which the combination has been misplaced is a local established locksmith or safe company.  They should provide a price quote for opening the device.
You may look in the Yellow Page listings under "Safes" or “Locksmiths."  
An internet search of “Safe Opening” may also provide local resources as an option.