The Yale Smart Home CCTV Kits gives you the peace of mind that your home is securely protected by allowing you to check in when you’re out. View your home from anywhere at any time via a smartphone, with the cameras providing enhanced night vision for clear images, even in poor weather conditions.

The Yale Smart Home CCTV comes  in three different kits:

  • Smart Home CCTV Kt (SV-4C-2ABFX)
  • Smart Home CCTV Kt XL (SV-8C-4ABFX)
  • Smart Home CCTV Kt WiFi (SV-4C-2DB4MX)

Common Featurers:

Smartphone Notification: Receive alert notifications if an event is detected

App Control: Control from your smartphone

Intelligent Detection: Triggers recording when event is detected

HD1080 High Definition Quality: Crisp detailed footage

Intelligent Search: Highlights within the timeline allowing you to pinpoint specific activity

Easy Installation: Easy to install with quick set-up wizard in the app