Yale Global responsibility

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At Yale we believe in responsible social and ethical behaviour; that we can make a positive contribution to sustainable development both through our operations and our products.

Our commitment to sustainable development is backed by our top management and integrated throughout the organisation.

Wherever we operate in the world, we seek to be a responsible player, by demanding high workplace standards of integrity and fair dealing from our personnel as well as all our distributors and suppliers.
To help us secure an environmentally sound, ethical, people-focused and safe working environment where we operate we put a lot of focus on compliance to the ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct.

In 2007, ASSA ABLOY launched a new sustainability program, covering key sustainability issues and mandates measurable results. The program was developed by the Group’s Sustainability Council with representatives from all divisions.

The program has been successful in integrating procedures for quality and environmental management, and in providing a structure that allows everyday operations to continuously improve their sustainability performance.

Sustainability targets and policies have been implemented throughout the Group. The organization recognizes the need for continuous improvement and consequently new targets have been set for 2015.

You are welcome to read the ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct and the ASSA ABLOY Sustainaility reportsy visiting our Sustainability section on the  ASSA ABLOY Group website.